New articles of Comress: identities and political strugle

Comress authors and invited researchers have published their latest researches in indexed journals. The article of Jaime Orozco and Carme Ferré-Pavia Catalonia TV’s La Marató as a symbol of Catalan identity: The intangible value of a CSR action as perceived by all its stakeholders has been edited in the Catalan Journal of Communication and Cutural Studies, in its issue 9.1. The paper focuses on the national discourse of La Marató stakeholders around this CSR initiative. This funding activity is considered a link of national pride, an element of cultural identity and community creation.

Gisella Meneguelli, recently doctorate in the Federal Fluminense University of Brasil, is co-author with Carme Ferré-Pavia of the paper Apología de la polémica como modalidad argumentativa: el conflicto público en Brasil en las protestas de 2015. The research has been diffused by the journal Culture, Language and Representation, in its issue 16(2). In this article the banners against Dilma Rousseff, the former president of Brasil, are analized. During the impeachment demonstrations the political discourse was constructed around fallacies and conflict figures, including violence, racism, sexism and military intervention demands.

Both journals are indexed in the Scopus ranking developed by Scimago.


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